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  1. For anyone who thinks they can't beat the computers:

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    To everyone else. STOP complaining about the computer screwing up your edge. Learn to adapt...jeez.
  2. yeah, well Donnies edge is trading size , at member rates, for minuscule NET per contract profits.

    Few are able to duplicate that, before turning to jelly
  3. >For anyone who thinks they can't beat the computers:

    Yeah, become a snake oil vendor like Don Miller, sell $10,000 dollar courses to the never ending stream of wannabe suckers that enter the trading field every day.
  4. NOT the point. The point is YOU CAN "beat" the computer, unlike many people here who have been touting otherwise.

    Plus, from his live trading videos, he IS trading real money. You can see whenever he places an order, the actual order book does change number in relation to his order.

    Disclaimer: I have not purchased any of his work.

  5. Lol, most simulators do that, you enter a limit order on a sim and the book updates. Not saying he uses a sim, and isnt live trading, but the point you are making is worthless.
  6. what's the code to embed a video like that?
  7. Have used photon, doesn't do that on a sim.

    I don't see how my point is worthless... a lot of people blame the computer for their downfall, when it is them themselves.
  8. Every one should sell $10,000 dollar trading courses then no one has to worry about computers or even themselves.
  9. even more obnoxious that those saying it can't be beaten, are the clowns trying to claim that it's YOUR fault if you can't do it.

    the shit is hard.

  10. The shit IS hard. But please don't blame it on a f**ing computer...

    Don't be dissin Jbiebs ;)
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