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  1. I'm not only kinda new to ET but I've never much been around white people, cept a coupla times when Coach Thompson told me to check out class at GT. I see on this board there aint to many black folk, cause the brothers aint real big on messaging. I mean I had Snoop Dog troll here a few times and he was laughing his mother fuckin' ass off. He wanted to know, what's a NihabaAshi! Black folks aint welcome on ET if they wanna talk real. Half the shit The Answer posts gets edited. But then again you got these Euro-Pee-On's like Scientist Harry Hersey and they be an insult to the white folk I know. I spose' the only black folk on ET are from like Yale or sumthin' and let me ask yall, how many of those Ivy League hommies playin pro ball and drivin' Bentley's. So there!

    But the one cool dude on here is that cat Inandlong. Yea he deletes The Answer and all but just remember:

    The MF was short in the '87 crash!

    That's way cool. And he has turned the Tradin' Forum into a place where alot of that trash talkin' aint allowed. And besides even when hes a pain in the ass you gotta pay him his props, because:

    The MF was short in the '87 crash!

    And on top of it, he made enough Presidents to become a Doctor. And not like Julius who I hate bein compared to cause I'll smoke his senior citizen ass, but Inandlong be a real doc! And besides that:

    The MF was short in the '87 crash!

    So any you all keep ridin' Inandlong I'll whop the side of yo heads.
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    Allen I agree wholeheartedly. Inandlong is one of the very good guys here.
  3. tampa


    Anyone who walked away from a successful proctology practice to become a moderator at ET is really a class act...
  4. Please ... Even doctors, lawyers and Super IQ kids like me get "spare time." The great part about it is knowing that you can't dictate how we spend it.
  5. LOL. More trolls in glasshouses throwing stones!

    Yo dawg. Ain't you tha guy who said:

    "Trading is like sex. You gotta fill her up to the max with alcohol and tie her up in order to get something'"?

    LOL. I replied in the order of "Well, if that's what you need to do to get it, maybe you should change your approach." Reinforced by a respected female ET member on top of that. No wonder this guy hates me now.

    Remember, it's you whose posts constantly get deleted / edited.

    And by the way, none of the 3 people you denegrated here are "Euro-Pee-On's". We are all from America or Australia.

    Yo. Welcome to mo-fo troll-land, brutha.

  6. Merriam-Websters Dictionary:


    n : the branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the colon or rectum or anus

    Yep. Sounds like Inandlong.

  7. When I read your posts Scientist, I feel like a proctologist dealing with a patient suffering from a chronic copious purulent anal discharge.

    As tampa knows, and has been spoofing me about, I was a Family Practice doc.

    It surprises me that a 22 year old boy like yourself with a high school education had to look up the word proctology.
  8. LOL! Although I haven't been to a proctologist yet, I think I had a pretty good idea what it's about. I.e. from the greek proktos for anus. But we won't go into details here. I did Greek and Latin at school, though, don't you worry about that. I just wanted to have a nice, proper dictionary definition via copy & paste. Anything wrong with that?

    So what's your self-diagnosis, Mr Proctologist? Anal retentive insider trolling? I think "insider trolling" is a pretty good description for your regime of manipulating / deleting posts to whatever seems convenient to you and flaming people privately.

    Such as the rather elaborate lies and evil things that you've been PM'ing me, which definitely fall into that category. Not to mention having, in this argument, used and really pissed off one of my best friends and colleagues altogether who considered you a friend! Well, so did I, once upon a time ... Do you have any feeling of shame whatsoever?

    Unfortunately you don't seem to have answered to my reply. In fact, you've stopped flaming me. I assume you concur then. I challenged you to prove those lies you fabricated and clearly you can't deny them now. It would be too much of an embarrassment, seing that I've already turned all of your own lies against you. Silence is an answer, too.

    But you know what? Truth walks slowly, but in the end it wins the race. Make sure you run for cover when the time has come.

    Good Luck!
  9. No, except for the one about the death in the family... which I sent you a sincere sympathy.... I deleted the rest of your PM's unread. Geez Scientist, another inaccurate presumption on your part.

    As for the lies you claim, your lie about me deleting evidence is proven in the thread where you did so. I know a bright boy like you should have no problem finding it.

    In Family Practice we have a saying, "common things are common." Which means that in the US, if you hear hoofbeats, look for horses, not zebras.

    The most common cause of chronic copious purulent anal discharge is an untreated sexually transmitted disease arising from unprotected anal intercourse, or.... repeated unprotected anal intercourse with an untreated partner or partners. In the case of the latter, this can also be called chronic acute copious purulent anal discharge.

    A sample of your discharge would be taken and sent to the lab for verification, although a slide prep done in the office and viewed with a microscope can be used to make the diagnosis.

    This would be done regardless of the results of the detailed history elicited, as the discussion of sexual activity by patients is often not factual.

    Regardless of the lab outcome, I would prescribe an antibiotic for your condition as it is clearly a bacterial infection. Once the offending organism has been determined, we would discuss the means of prevention during a follow-up exam.
  10. Forget what I said about scientist being "tight-assed" :D

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