In one year where will things be...???

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  1. ???
  2. Dow 17000
  3. Depends:

    McCain wins -- more of the same, markets lower, deficits higher, credit problems worsen, more bailouts for the mega-corporations.

    Obama wins -- markets stabilize and build a base for the next bull market, deficits stabilize to moderately improve, no more bailouts and possibly criminal prosecutions for some CEO fraudsters.
  4. haha, you make me laugh, so silly

    it not:

    x wins -> he makes y happen


    y is planned -> x shall win to create the illusion that he made y happen

    and so we can blame all the shit on his fucking ugly ass, in this case ugly black ass


    have you noticed obama's mouth looks like a black slut's cunt, seriously?!
  5. "In one year where will things be...???"

    i don't know but I'd love to see inflation at 23% next year

    which is highly likely
  6. dinoman


    Can you say "Soup Lines"?

    I doesn't matter which of the top two schmucks that get elected.
  7. Something you've seen, I guess.
  8. ya, I've seen your cunt.
  9. Dow 36,000 by 2008 (from 2001)

    Bush Boom (from 2003)

    Books about a depression or doom will give the all clear signal to buy. The magazine covers in the past week were pretty good indicators for a bounce.
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    Know your dosage
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