In One Hour! - Technology and the Trading Pits

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    Good Afternoon,

    We are just ONE HOUR away from hosting the first FREE installment of our 2010 Professional Webinar Series. Join Dave "Bo" Bahoric and in a webinar which will explore the relationship between technology, trading methods and the pits. All the registration below can be found below. We hope to see you there and feel free to invite any friends and colleagues who might be interested in this one of a kind educational webinar.

    Webinar Details:
    Technology and The Trading Pits
    by David Bahoric, S&P 500 Analyst,
    Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2010
    Time: 4:30pm EST
    Venue: Free Online Webinar
    Sign Up:

    About Dave Bahoric:
    For almost a decade, Dave “Bo” Bahoric, analyst at, has broadcasted live from the S&P pit. Prior to this remarkable decade of unique market commentary, Mr. Bahoric spent seven years as an independent broker. Before trading, he worked for Marathon Oil in various marketing and real estate positions, developing an extensive knowledge about every facet of the crude oil business, from “well head to gas pump.” Originally from Johnstown, PA, Bahoric attended Northwestern University on a football scholarship, graduating with a B.A. in Communications and Political Science. Areas of expertise include: Financial Markets, stocks, futures, oil industry & geopolitics, pit & trading floors and a Good Debate!

    Established in 1999, is the financial professional's source for instant Futures, Stock and FOREX news analysis. For added color, the popular news channels are paired with an S&P500 Open-Out-Cry Hosted by David Bahoric and company daily from 9:20am - to 4:20pm EST. This squawk channel guarantees listeners will feel the "texture" of the market and trends as they develop. When traders tune in, they hear the pit's actual acoustics and are able to react quickly and confidently to daily events. For a free trial for's S&P500 Open-Out-Cry Squawk please sign up here

    For more information regarding this webinar or to request a media appearance, please contact:
    Jessica Kurjakovic
    jessica (at)
  2. Why is this interesting? Electronic trading has pushed pits aside. The S&P/Nasdaq/etc. index pits are an after thought compared to the eminis. As are most other futures.