In NYC with technology, ...seeking enlightened Prop

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    It works if you save it and play with VLC which I'm sure most people have.
  4. steve cohen will be knockin on your door ASAYGYST

    As Soon As You Get Your Shit Together.......
  5. Well, I'm convinced.

    Where do I send my check?
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  7. Ok, looks interesting. Please post more information. What feed? What execution platform? Avg daily P/L, risk?
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  9. what is your point here? Are you soliciting freebie customers? Explaining what you are trying to do? Seeking input?
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    I was hoping the title "In NYC with technology, ...seeking enlightened Prop" says it all, there's nothing more than that.

    I posted the server information in response to the request above; "Please post more information. What feed? ..."
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