in nyc trying to begin my career any ideas!?

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  1. hello to everybody at,

    just finished my masters in finance and recently moved to nyc, wondering if anybody can give me any tips to get started as a TRADER. heard many good and bad things about this firms that dont know what to beleive anymore. comision, no comision, salary, no salary, capital needed.. no.... etc. bolier rooms...etc etc.. went to a brokerage firm for an interview and it was a chinese factory! chop shop! with fancy couches..

    thanks for your time people! any ideas welcomed
  2. The streets there are not paved with gold. Rumor has it that there are a lot of jobs in Venezuela. :cool:
  3. there are a large number of threads here on this topic already. Suggest you do some intelligent searching on them first
  4. Masters in Finance? It sounds like you hardly made it out of the 5th grade from this post!



  5. Ya... excellent spelling.
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    Good luck in your efforts, and I wish you well. You might want to get an alumnus list of contacts and their firms in NYC from your alma mater. Does your faculty have any acquaintances? I'm afraid that ET is populated primarily with trolls and bomb-throwers - unfortunately, no entry credentials on this website required for participation.
  7. I think Caracasking would prefer you spell it eggcellent



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    Go get certifiied as an MRI Tech, every hospital is hiring, your MA in Finance is worth less than a Carmel Macchiatdo @Starbux.
  9. I think the guy on the left might have a suggestion ...

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    do you have an explanation for your spelling errors?
    do you have an explanation for your hello greeting. it doesn't sound very serious.
    could u please describe conditions in a Chinese factory?
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