In my idea, the problem with america is...

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    I think the problem with u.s.a the thing that made the all econemy crisis is 2 things
    2. brain wash that made the American pepole stupid enough that they'll over consume..
    I don't blame the American pepole that they too stupid that the bought more then there houses. Its the all system, the rich pepole already took all of the pepole money but they still wanted more, soo they continue to make them brain wash, and they sold(mortgage) there houses to the bank soo they'll have more money to spend on stupid stuff... finally when the money run out.. the rich pepole the big companies had (have) all of there money(houses)....
    By brain wash I'm taking about the tv the internet everything is always advertising even the tv shows... the movies.. every single thing is meant for advertising... and if for every dollar of advertising you get 2 $ back.. .if the all advertising system is putting out allot of money , in some point there is no money to get back.. they received all the money that was available....
    In my point of view, they only way to fix the crisis.. is Good education... good values.. and a all change of mind.. they need to know that the importenet things in life is not new cloths.. is not new fucking something.. is not drugs.. is not parties... is not that you'll have something better then your friend...
    Who am i to tell what the important thing in life is... but for the greater good of amercian .. I think that they should think that the important thing in life is progression/school/hard work/ maybe to learn a thing or two from china
    What we have now is a nation of slaves...
    and slaves dont give 100% never....
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    As in NOT alone?
  3. Are you from Szechuan or Hunan province?
  4. If it wasn't for US consumption, most of the export based economies would be no where near where they are.
  5. Then America is doomed :(
  6. TV is total garbage - however your view and knowledge about my great country is so small it wouldn't fit on the head of a pin. You must be getting your "lack of education" about this country from TV
  7. no_alone, even though you probably already know this, don't let this kind of arrogance give you the wrong impression about americans. not everyone here thinks they are superior to other people because they're an american
  8. Martian slaves? Nope, they dont give 100% never.
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    stop touching your d!ck, go make radio.
  10. so, how many of YOU gentlemen could compose an equally lengthy missive in a second language?? No wonder the world thinks we Americans are raging assholes. :D
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