In Memoriam, Cybertrader

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by target0, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. target0


    Cybertrader suffered an untimely death this week at the hands of a lone gunman, shot point blank in the head by a high powered executive. Many onlookers stood by in complete disbelief as the assailant got back in his black limo, and slowly drove off into the cold December night. An eyewitness account recalls the killer speaking only the word “done”, into his iphone just before fleeing the seen. Police say they have no leads in the case, other than that the man seemed somehow be streetsmart. People have been gathered all week to morn the death of a truly remarkable piece of software that some thought to be member or the family.

    I thought I would list a few things I already miss about Cybertrader. No intent to compete with the “will you stay therd”, and certainly not to complain about the murderer, but simply to say Cybertrader, I will miss you.

    Orders that auto cancel when replaced
    Tabbed charts
    rock solid performance, honestly can not remember it ever going down.
    Conditional orders with templates.
    Server side alerts.
    Surprisingly good customer service even after the bluemeanies took over, including the responsive im window.
    Breakaway windows for system manager functions
    Easy to read buying power and commissions calculations
    Short availability on the order window

    To name a few
  2. eminiben


    you are right about being rock solid.. their commissions were a bit high but they were good in other respects. i just moved to lotus brokerage on CQG and like it as much if not more.

    I enjoyed the way you described the loss..... i was at a loss too