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  1. January 20, 2007
    Clinton Says ‘I’m In to Win’ 2008 Race

    Six years after making history by winning a United States Senate seat as first lady, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton announced this morning that she was taking the first formal step to seek the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, a journey that would break yet more political barriers in her extraordinary and controversial career.

    “I’m in,” she says in a statement on her new campaign Web site. “And I’m in to win.”
  2. You go girl... :D
  3. Arnie


    She must be feeling the heat, because I garantee you she didn't plan on making an anouncement this early.
  4. Less drama, more substance. I'm yet to be impressed by any candidate, or would be candidate. Message to all candidates. I already know what's wrong. Tell me what you're going to do to make it right.
  5. You guarantee it.


    Now that Hillary is officially running, the Clinton presidential money campaign money raising machine goes in full gear.

    Heck, she spent 36 million in her senate campaign to help get re-elected, so the sooner she is "in" the better to begin to get the money to try and buy the presidency...

    You really don't know politics...staying power is about money, and unless others can raise as much money as Hillary and Bill can, it is tough to continue.

  6. I think you and Arnie are saying the same thing. Her early entry is probably predicated by the footsteps of Gore, Edwards and Obama. She's hoping the early bird get's the worm ($).

    I thought the odds were 40/60 she'd never announce. Pull a 2008 Cuomo. Especially if she saw herself getting spanked in a few vs. McCain polls. Me thinks her strat has been altered by the strength of the field......
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    GW's legacy is becoming clearer. Pres Hillary, VP Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the nation gives up on white men all together. At leat Mount Rushmore will forever stand.
  8. Published reports on the 11th of January indicated Hillary was due to announce within a couple of weeks, which was before Obama announced his bid.

    We are 2 years from a new president, there is nothing out of the ordinary about the announcement of Hillary to run, and she is not afraid of Obama, or haven't your kept up with latest polls...

    Obama is running for a possible VP position on the best.

    How quickly people forget that Kerry was nearly out of the race after Iowa...

    We know most of Hillary's dirty laundry, just wait till the Clinton machine begins to bring out what we don't know about Obama.

    By the way, of all those dems who say they are running, I would select Bill Richardson at this point, I actually think he may be the most electable once Americans get to know him. Chances are though that he won't be able to raise enough money to make any headway. Evan Bayh dropped out because he knew he couldn't raise the money, and Warner may have had the same thinking.,1,2607862.story?coll=chi-news-hed

    Nothing is going to be as powerful as the Clinton machine, which doesn't mean she gets elected, it just means that she has the power of the party behind her, given the true nature of the democratic party.

  9. Thanks for the links.

    I agree about Obama. However, I don't see what currency he brings as a VP candidate either. Illinois is blue, blacks are blue and neither his name, race nor liberal ideology (his record in Illinois was ultra left) are the credentials that will convert soccer moms in Dayton to the Dem ticket.

    Normally Z I would agree with you about Richardson. This time though I see the Prez coming out of the Senate. Weirdly I think America wants an insider who is uber legislator and equipped with a bipartisan pedigree. I haven't seen a single poll but my preliminary feel tells me it will be McCain vs. Gore.
  10. ZZ,

    I am a great admirer of Hillary Clinton, since I listened to her in person in 1991. Bill Richardson is a great candidate too. I think Obama is a bit premature, as he should stay in senate for the next few years and build up experience. I have not made up my mind yet about whom to support.
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