In Japan, Day-Trading Like It's 1999

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  1. This is an article from NYtimes, you can find full article here
    Some interesting thoughts:
    • she quickly grew bored at home, and when she saw a television program about online stock investing, she took $2,000 in savings and gave it a try. Today, Ms. Yamamoto says she has turned her initial investment into more than $1 million as a day trader, scanning her home computer for price movements in stocks, futures and foreign currencies that could lead to quick profits. who said it can't be done?
    • The dream of many day traders — in Japan and in the United States — is to earn enough to make a living by trading full time. Analysts and traders estimate that only a few thousand people have reached that mark. If this is really truth,then according to ET's pools, participants of this forum are genii
    • "Day-trading is great because everyone is equal, even housewives," said Mrs. Yamamoto, an energetic woman in her late 30's who declined to reveal her exact age or to document her trading profits. "Success or failure depends entirely on how clever you are, and nothing else." Is this we are competing with?
    • ONE online brokerage firm, Monex Beans Holdings, has even held after-school classes in stock trading for elementary and junior high school students who are accompanied by their parents. Monex said that about 2,300 students in that age group had already opened accounts at the brokerage firm, after getting their parents' permission.i can not imagine, like who they are going to be after 10 years


      Not for long there are free money left in the markets.

    • like the other thread this is also a fascinating article which requires more research.
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    She aint got nothing on Mashhour.

    The Saudi index is up 20%+ year to date. I'd like to see Japan do that. :D
  5. Some things never change. Self proclaimed greatness can be easily found everywhere.

    Hey everyone, look I started with 500 bucks a year ago and am now worth $15 million. When can I get a NY article.
  6. HKSE is doing quite well this year.