In Gold We Trust - JSS's bold Gold proclamation

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What do YOU think? (don't quote other people's opinions)

  1. Agree

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  2. Disagree

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  3. Don't know

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  1. Target - to the Moon
    Stop - no stops (breach of $600 for integrity purposes)

  2. Peter Schiff said gold going to 5k.:D

    That would put the HUI at 10K???:eek:

  3. Please re-state what you're polling. You ask "What do you think?" What do we think about what? The price of gold going to the moon?
  4. Indeed, Yes if you believe price is set to go to the Moon & No if you don't believe that will be the case.

    I would say "to the Moon" being at least $2000
  5. King dollar my ass.

    Reality can only be ignored for so long.
  6. Alright, then I'm going to disagree with $2000 in the next 6 months. Do I think it will get there someday? Of course.
  7. pma


    I am VERY interested in checking out this coming fridays COT data:cool:
  8. Please vote
  9. So why did you vote No? I didn't mention 6 months.

    It's $2000 b4 $600.
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