In going long here...the recession is now over

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  1. I have been wrong on a few things, but on this one I will not be. I expect S&P to be at 1200 before the end of the year. Right now the market is backing and filling, basing. In a short time it will thrust forward off of this process to new highs.

    We are now out of the recession and the crash is over. There will be no more crashes in our time.
  2. lol

    I say 1050, maybe 1100 before it turns sharply down again. If not before then.
  3. So much for the rally.

    Port is ET's biggest mush.

    Hit bids as soon as you can.

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    We are marking time, probably until June expiration. Before too long we should visit both 1000 and 880 but in which order is anybody's guess. I suppose the odds, based purely on technicals, favors 1000 first. Last week's 923 low is a key level to watch, as is the 952 high.

    The factors that will influence are interest rates, the banking sector, stimulus bucks, and inflation/ the dollar, and whatever is best for GS. :D
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