In God We Trust

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  1. In God We Trust. It is written on the dollar bill- check it out. Who is God on that bill? One might even pose the hypothesis that the dollar has been king because of "In God We Trust". God cannot let down someone or something that in trust in Him.

    Tell us a bit about what "In God We Trust" means to you.

    In you have another currency in your wallet, what do they write on it?
  2. The majority of Americans have decided to stop trusting in God and start trusting in big government. I have noticed that a large portion of Christians are buying gold and silver instead of putting their cash savings in the bank. I guess as Christians we trust Gods printing press alot more than bernankes printing press. At least we know God wont hyperinflate gold.
  3. you dont have to be a very deep thinker to understand that this statement is false. do you lose the ability logically if you are religious?
  4. That statement is made under assumption that God exists. If he does not exist, it does not hurt.

    A right religion should increase/promote your ability to think logically and critically. Thinking is particular to human. So if God exists, it is the one faculty that he would rely on to communicate with humans when compared to other livings.
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    hee hee, if I believe in God [and I very much do] why stock up gold and such? What, He can't see me through some hard time?
  6. Why do you think he is giving you the gold to stock up now?

    During a flood a man was on his roof and a boat came by and told him to get in. The man waved the boat on and said "The good Lord will save me" The water got higher and was now at the mans feet and a 2nd boat came by and told him to get in. The man replied "The good Lord will save me". By now the water had gotten to his neck and a 3rd boat came by and the people told him to get in as it was his last chance. The man replied "My faith is strong that the good Lord will save me."

    The man drowned and when he went to heaven he asked the Lord "Lord...Why didnt you save me?"

    And the Lord replied "Who do you think sent those 3 boats?"
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    • In God We Trust
  8. "In God we trust" all others pay cash.
  9. Gold Oil Drugs
  10. I was getting chiropractor treatments for my back. The situation was going from bad to worse and I had enough. The Dr and I had a casual/business relationship also. I went to his office one day and said I wasn't coming back, that I've decided to pray for my back.

    He said "You should pray for a toaster." (Think Jewish accent)

    ( I thought, hmnnn, this is going better than I expected, since I didn't want to come right out and tell him, his treatment is a big gd failure).

    I then asked him if he would like me to pray for any kitchen appliances for him.

    We laughed.
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