In fast moving market, IB is a joke

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by qdz2, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. qdz2


    You should agree with me today, Mar 7, 2003.

  2. Eldredge


    Quotes were bad during that "rally", but I didn't try to execute any trades during the minute or so that things were slow. How was order execution? In the past, my execution has been okay even if quotes were slow. I wish IB would take whatever measures it needs to overcome these lags. I wonder if other systems faired any better?
  3. qdz2


    not only quote, even quote is right, a hit of execution is problematic.
  4. Sanjuro


    The real joke is why you keep complaining instead of
    just changing to a different broker.

    In case anybody who doesn't know qdz,
    all he's posts contain either:
    1. Complaints about IB
    2. Complaints about PDT rule

    Oh Yeah, and he's paraniod the Markets and Brokers
    are out to get him.

    LOL, I guess every board needs a qdz.
  5. qdz2


    Sanjuro, let me get you straightened.

    I not only complain but fight the PDT rule. IB was not an issue for me before they let me down for this SOB PDT rule. I can not stand with them any more to justify the commissions I paid them as my appreciation. My faith on them is eroding day by day. I will find better opportunity than them sooner if not later. You are right, I am paranoid on many things. But the bottom line is that I made a living by trading scared money paranoid in the past 5 years and paid as high as 50% commissions to my brokers whoever gave me better bottomlines and opportunities. It doesn't matter it was 1999/2000 or 2002. It was just easier when there were more pimps to recruit more lunatics into this market. When things get tough, everyone complains. SEC/NASD/special interest groups complain. They put up this PDT sh8t. They make others miserable. I complain and fight back. I complain whoever let me down. Is that my right of free speech?


  6. I'm a new IB user and have had few reasons to complain so far, but it was alarming this morning to see the difference between the TWS quotes and what was going on in eSignal.
  7. runner


    I'm also a new IB user. I want to know how other brokers did this morning. Please share your experience.
  8. they call em "fast markets" for a reason. If you expect ideal conditions when 1/2 the traders on the planet hit "buy" you must live in OZ.
  9. runner,

    make your own decisions based on your own observations and your own common sense. There are only a small number of real traders on this board that know what they're doing. cdntrader is one of them.

    My experience with IB has been exemplary. I can reach them on the phone. They answer my questions. They conduct business in a most professional manner. I"ve been with IB for about 2 years now.
  10. Problem was with esignal - not IB. esignal even acknowledged as much on their message boards.
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