In desperate need of a datafeed that also handles shitty exchanges

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by jacer, May 5, 2009.

  1. jacer



    I'm in a desperate hunt after a data-feed that:
    - doesn't empty my bankaccount once a month
    - includes support for european exchanges (most importantly the nordic countries)
    - and of course the US
    - Goes with an ok TA-program

    You guys wouldn't not believe how underdeveloped many countries (especially Norway which I'm from) still are on this field. There's no such thing as a standalone TA-program. If you count them all we might have 4-5 different tradingplatforms, and don't even dare to think of real TA chart support in them. A couple of trend lines, handful of oscilliatiors and some moving averages maybe, but thats all there is to it.

    Until now I've been using the free stockcharts on web but thats no good. So the ultimate solution would be if an platform like sierracharts (just an example) with a data-feed that handles north-european exchanges in addition to the US'.

    I hope there's some guru who can help me out here. Of course the best would be to find a good broker with low fees and convert to only trade in the US, but I'm not fully there yet.

    The ultimate datafeed and a good TA-program and I'll be on my way refilling my bankaccount.


    Norwegian newbie investor
  2. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    Based on your criteria, eSignal OnDemand might be an excellent choice. You get all the TA power of eSignal, plus global markets all for just over $1/day.

    We even have a special for new customers to try it for just $1 for the first month. Hard to beat.

    You can check it out here.