In-depth realtime volume indicators/alerts/scanning

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  1. Does anyone know of any software that offers some sort of realtime volume analysis?

    What I am looking for isnt the common "stocks trading X % volume above the 10 day average" (although helpful),.

    I am looking more bar analysis which includes alerts set up on
    stuff like x% more buying than selling within the bars (buy/sell pressure), etc.

    I want to comebine this with other ideas I currently have, but cant seem to find anything I like.

    Any advice would be great.

    thank you
  2. thanks. looks interesting, and I will check it out!
  3. mokwit


    Tradestation's Radarscreen or Neoticker (or maybe Amibroker?) are your best bets.
  4. yeah. I figured TS/RS are probably the best, but you basically need to be a programmer to learn "easy language," as it is nothing close to easy I have been told.

    I am dabbling with the idea of seriously learning it. The online books are awful and incomplete, but I might look into their classes.
  5. I currently am experimenting with TI, but I didnt see them address my volume concerns. All of their filters seem for based on the daily activity vs historical rather than the indepth analysis I am looking for.

    Perhaps I am missing something in your link, but it seems like it is what I have already looked at.
  6. I just remembered, these guys may have some of what you are looking for too (I have never used this software so check it out for yourself).......
  7. Hmm. Trade-Ideas looks at volume on an intra day basis. It has daily but intra day is what I use. Every stock is compared to how much it normally trades at any time of day so you can look at something very speicific like things trading 4 or 5 times the normal amount for any of the times of day from open to close.

    they know for example what the normal volume is like at 10:03 am EST and whether a stock is trading 4 or 5 times that amount - and so on for every second of the session. lord help me if i'm wrong on this, but its done wonders so far
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