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  1. met1989


    hey guys

    i was backtesting a strategy on tdameritrade indemand which i find is very powerfiul tool and it seem to me i won the jackpot but yet when i decided today 3.5.19 to go live with it not one order went through it was on the 13 / 15 day out spx options were the markets slow today ? was very weird what other things make the difference between that and the real market (no need to say its a demo) just assuming it is a more powerful tool cause it indicated real liquidity and supply and demand
  2. qlai


    I am not aware of the ability to do automated trading via TDAmeritrade. You can only trigger alerts, afaik.
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  3. JSOP


    Yeah you can. You can do automated trading albeit limited via conditional orders which you set up the same way as alerts but there are major problems with the alerts or conditional orders right now as the criteria in the conditions are not being evaluated. I don't know if it's problems with their servers as the platform has been very slow since late last year.
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  4. qlai


    Oh, ok didn't know that. Thanks. Still not sure how practical that really is.