in defense of Cramer

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  1. liulala


    if you are a AAP subscriber, you know

    he didnot buy BSC, and he has been away from those poisonous financial stocks for a long time. I think he really deserve some serious credits for this.

    he bought the extereme weakness the last couple of days, and profited from it nicely

    I am a happy action alerts plus subscriber.

    Shame on you, cramer basher!

    Cramer, please keep the alerts coming
  2. he gets lucky at times but long term he has a poor record. so what is his ytd aa performance? how about 2007?
  3. Just use a junk email account.
  4. liulala


    Cramer always wait to buy till his subscribers bought. So his subscribers will have a better results than Cramer. Cramer is such a generous guy to let his subscriber win and take advantage of him.

    Also Cramer's profit go to charity, that will negatively affect his performance.
  5. sounds like you are making excuses for bad performance. how bad was it?
    i know last fall right at the top before the selloff they ran an add that was bragging about 13% ytd. so it had to be somewhere south of that.
  6. SteveD


    Just post his 5 best picks over the last 6 and price

    That should not be difficult to do....

    Steve D
  7. gaj


    it's actually easier (and more accurate) to post performace in 2007 and 2008.
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