In Cramer We Trust

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  1. This is worth archiving for posterity, the sheer audacity is matched only by his galactic ego and hubris, in actuality it is eclipsed!

    The epitomy, and pinnacle of deception.

    Amazing the untruths that are propogated in words and images, and craftiness by the media.

    I guess they are trying to place him right up there with 'the ole man' hisself, presumably at his side...his 'right-hand man'??

    Hell, he would likely put even God into some shit-ass stock at high prices just before it tanked!

    'Lord, you gotta buy buy buy'!

    I swear to God I look at this guy and see horns and a barbed tail.

    May as well document this audacity, as a reminder to this era and episode. Nothing new, really, just business as usual, but taken to such an extreme, to me, it draws atrtention to itself.
  2. yeah hes a joke.. nuff said i watch him tho he is entertaining. if you watch is eyes they tell you hes full of shit. they look everywhere haha cept at the camera or the interviewers eyes
  3. I knew a girl who once took his trades until she blew her account. Then she tried the Pure Trick chat room. Now she listens to me. Damn, only took her $80k to get humble. Glad she got her three months of subscription fees back from Alex.
  4. Come on guys Cramer is the smartest guy in the world, everyone knows that. He made me like 5 mil the first month i took his picks.
  5. It's funny you link that ad. They snuck that on after he had bailed everyone out on the big down day. Notice how he tries to cover both sides by saying you can still buy the one's being liquidated... well that brings in just about every major tech & infrastructure stock... really slimy. Not sure what your main beef with this ad is if it's the one thing is for sure buy and hold will never work.... that's the part that's been sitting ill with me... for at these prices wouldn't just the opposite be true? Isn't this the first time in ten years it would make sense to buy and hold... as in a Pfizer or something....
    It is then perhaps one of those Cramer moments when the exact opposite of what he blows forth is the real truth... I would love to hold something my god! This market is so churning though, it is tough....~ stoney
  6. Cramer told everyone to sell when the dow was at 8500
  7. Cramer is an entertainer people who don't realize it are responsible for their own losses.

    I rather manage my money myself instead of relying on a TV personality or a mutual fund in a 401(K) to do it for me.
  8. bxptone


    He didn't just say sell, he got on the TODAY SHOW and said "I need everyone to sell all the stocks they need, to have enough cash for the next 3-5 years".

    Then I guess everyone sold it down to 8000 the next day, and then the market rallied 1800 points in like 3 days, MAJOR OWNAGE.

    Now I personally still feel the market goes to 5000 territory in the next year or two. But I'm not going on national TV to recommend everyone to sell. What a dope this guy is.

    I emailed GE and got the generic "we got your letter, appreciate your concern yada yada yada". But seeing how apparantley many people did get burned because he was saying how great things were just a few months ago, maybe MSNBC will actually do something.

    But he supposedly gets good ratings. I wouldn't be suprised if everyone is watching him so they can fade his picks lol.
  9. the average person doesn't know how to invest period. Most people on TV don't quite realize this, some of them don't even have an idea of how stupid some people are. Warren buffet can AFFORD to lose money, the average person will hear a stock pick on cnbc or w/e and buy and hold it forever "thinking" like warren buffet but not realizing the investments warren made into ge or goldman do not make up huge parts of his portfolio.

    That is why fund manager advice can be good, IF you know how to use it and if there are no conflicts of interest (fund manager own stock and he is just trying to hype it up to get out or w/e) AND he can provide solif reasons for it to go out AND you have an exit strategy AND you wait for a day to get in not on a 5% up day.

    on a side not i'm pretty sure cnbc filters the calls somehow so theres only happy booyahs calling but i wonder how many ppl call in with baba baba fuck you's lol
  10. Anything involved with the peacock network is nothing but trash, shit, and slime.
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