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Which PDA would you choose?

  1. ToS thinkAnywhere

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  2. ToS thinkMicro

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  3. ToS thinkMobile

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  4. IB Mobile Trader

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  5. QuoTrek

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  6. other

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  1. antique


    Looking for a mobile device to trade stocks and options in which I can use outside of the house, and at times, outside of USA. Verizon works great in NYC, but how does their reception fare with other providers, specifically in: NY, CT, OR, NV, CA, Canada, Holland and Australia? In other words, can you actually use a PDA in other parts of the world to execute trades? And what, if any, complications may arise from that type of trading?

    Can someone explain the differences between a snapshot quote, a tick-by-tick, or streaming quotes? IB's Mobile Trader and ToS' thinkAnywhere, think Mobile offers snapshot. Quotrek claims to offer tick-by-tick, streaming. Can you really SEE the colorful scrolls of real time quotes (as you would on a PC) on QuoTrek.

    I don't know if IB will support QuoTrek cuz they already have their version. However, if they do, doesn't it get tricky having to change screens, as prices move when you are flipping from QuoTrek to IB just to place your trades? Would that then, be avantageous to just stick with IB or ToS using snapshot quotes?

    Which would you choose?

  2. I'm not familiar with all of your options in your poll. But, I can tell you that the IB MobilTrader is not a PDA. Don't know about the others.

    IB MobilTrader can be access via all smartphones provided they have access to the internet. Verizon offers the Blackberry World Edition (I think it's 8830), that works anywhere. I don't know if it has internet access from anywhere. Call Verizon and ask them.

    I have the BlackBerry 8830.

  3. I use verizon pda. XV6700 pocket pc. The device is great for somethings, and not for others. It is a marginal phone, but everything else about it is fine. I got it for running think amywhere.

    Here's the deal. These pda platforms are very much bare bones. They allow for you to place trades, but not anywhere close to how you would likely trade from your computor. I use it as a way to close/adjust positions while on vacation. Other than that it is seriously lacking. I have a laptop with an ev-do card for more serious road trading and my nice desktop for normal trading.

    If you plan to do any daytrading from the pda, you'll be sorely disappointed. But monitoring positions is great from that sort of device. If you like TOS then you'll probably want to get a newer generation Blackberry that allows for Think Micro. It is much nicer.
  4. verbalxxx


    I looked around at a lot of different options, but found that the mobile OS versions where very limited relative to their PC counterparts. Finally I ended up running Cybertrader on a Sony Vaio UX50. Very small computer with a 4.5 inch screen. Resolution is great. It's a bit bigger than a PDA, but full power of a PC. As for connectivity, I'm using a Sierra Wireless Aircard, plugs in through the USB port, gives me high speed internet just like at home.
  5. antique


    oldtrader, it is the blackberry 8830 which you have that is a global phone. Using one phone number you can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. Pay $45, you'll get unlimited email & internet access in the US, pay $65 and get in worldwide. Thanks for your suggestion, don't know why I hadn't thought of ringing up Verizon. I bought it online yesterday, but will have to delay activating the system cuz verizon were being greedy jerks for not pro-rating my existing line with them through another family-plan I am on.

    cache, how does a laptop with ev-do work? I'm not tech-savvy and need dummy-101 explanation to understand the set-up. Will be taking a few months off to trade offshore. Wanna get a reliable system to day- or position-trade.

    verbalxxx, pros and cons of your sony vaio ux50 (or anything of a similiar size) -vs- a laptop. Checked out your system, $2K is expensive. How much can you really see and digest on such small screen? What are your dislikes of it?

    My second decision is whether to start account with IB or ToS. I currently trade equities, about to learn options soon. My understanding is that ToS' stock commission costs approx 1/3-1/2 (.01 -vs- .003-.005) more per share than IB, but they have a great training program. While, IB costs less, there seem to be a lot of negative discussions on their software.

    Also, who can explain the differences between bundle or unbundle. I generate about 50,000-100,000 shares a month.

    Given a second chance, who will you still choose?

    thanks all.
  6. verbalxxx


    Well, the con is it's not a 30 inch screen ;) I've tried a lot of different options, and thi one has worked the best for me. the sony screen resolution is crazy, yes you can see everything fine, i read stuff on the internet that people said they got eye strain, but I haven't experienced it. I bought mine on ebay for $1000. I'm looking to upgrade it, and I've seen newer models for $1400. if you want the benefits of a full trade platform, i think it's the best way to go, the scaled down windows mobile versions suck.