In case you would like to nail that chic at work...

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  1. Is that video suppose to have sound. Mine doesn't. So how can I get it?
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    That video is hilarious, and yes it does have sound so you must be having problems with streaming it. Right below the vid it offers the option to download so you might try that way instead.
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    Honestly I have to tell you that if a woman wants your affection, you will know it, especially in todays world.

    I have dated three women that I met at work. All of them I had a great realtionship with. But every single one of them basically attacked me.

    Imo if you like a woman at work, I think you should be really tactful and classy if you are going to initiate interest, and back off immediately if the affection is not returned, with zero hard feelings. I realize that it is a double standard, but imo it works fine.

    There is really no shame in two people not being attracted to each other, or only one having romatic feelings that is not shared by the admired. It is just human nature.

    As to the video, it goes to extremes. I doubt that is what really happens (meaning that only "attractive" men are welcomed to initiate interest otherwise it is sexual harrasment). Harrasment means you tried and don't know what no means. I doubt there isn't a single woman who wouldn't be charmed by someone asking them out regardless of a mans looks, once.

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    Funny video, and of course there is an element of truth in it.
  5. The "handsome" guy looks a lot like Tom Brady.

  6. The guy is Tom Brady. Its from SNL around a year ago.
  7. dont be such a dork.
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    Go take a nap, grumpy.
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