In a Central American banana republic, if you say banks are broke, you go to jail!

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  1. That will happen in the US one day.
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    there are very good places where there is education, and culture in entral america, un fortunately Guatemala is not one of them.
    Costa Rica, is
    and you willl find alot of gringos live there in peace without fear for their lives
  3. "The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic. " Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1911.
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    sound like you are already convinced
  5. Reminiscent of the dark fascist days of Bush Jr.

    The only "news" the cowering media was allowed to report was retarded one liners.

    "Either you're with us or against us".

    Or the even more retarded one liner

    "mission accomplished"

    The only thing the monkey and his groupies managed to accomplish is the destruction of a city, a quagmire in Afghanistan and near annihilation of the worlds largest economy.
  6. Maybe the US went even more repressive than the banana republic?

    M3 data was taken out, remember?