"In 5 Years, Everything Will Be Fine"... Buffett

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  1. Doubt it. Could possibly be at the bottom of the credit bubble deflation by then, but any rebound is going to be very slow and weak... with lots more unemployment and lower wages.
  2. Don't get me wrong. I hate Buffet. But what are you basing this on? the past is not indicative of the future. The details that are laid out now would not agree to 5 years or more for this situation. I personally can't wait for Buffet to kick the bucket so we can be rid of that idiot. But ET isn't exactly the pride of intelligence either.
    If you're going to make a prediction, at least put a little more effort into your post, reasoning and detailed explanations as to why you feel that way. Not just a sad statement.

    My response on your level is I doubt you know what you're talking about.
  3. Sooo.... first thing out of your yap is "you're full of shit"?

    You didn't explain why you think I'm wrong... why don't you start with THAT?

    You're not getting an economics lesson from me here... I was just tossing out the idea that Buffett is overly optimistic... maybe because he's on CN-BS this morning? Maybe he really believes it?

    Apparently you have no sense of economic history (and just like shooting your mouth off)... otherwise, you'd recognize my premise as a reasonable possibility.

    Here's another reasonable premise... "The US will not experience significant economic growth AT LEAST until the Boomers die off... 30-40 years... and maybe not even then."
  4. That has a nice ring to it, in 5 years everything will be fine. In 5 years everything will be fine will get you 34 million hits on google, I suppose in 5 years everything will be fine for some and not for others. I have my crayons and wrote this presceint adage in my book of wisdomisms. Stay tuned....
  5. That's right. "5 years" does have a nice ring to it.... "If we can just hang on for 5 years, we'll be OK?"..... maybe. And maybe, "the check's in the mail"...
  6. wavel


    "In 5 Years, Everything Will Be Fine"

    Who is it not "fine" for NOW?

    What is the definition of fine?

    Shareholders recieving dividends or Joe Bloggs no longer having to stand in line to recieve his daily soup allowance?
  7. Does he really mean it so because we'll have a new President by then.
  8. Suggest you turn on CN-BS and listen... Channel 208 on Comcast.
  9. I doubt that. NObama is his man...
  10. 5y from now....cryogenics then, hoping somebody will be there to wake me up :)
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