In 4 Months, Every Car On Every Road In The UK Will Be Watched In Real Time

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    New road cameras 'unregulated'

    The BBC has learned that a national network of cameras watching over Britain's roads will be in place within months.

    There are already thousands of Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras that can read and log registration plates, but soon police forces in England, Wales and Scotland will be able to share the information in one central computer.

    Officers say it is a useful crime-fighting tool but critics say the network is secretive and unregulated.

    Richard Bilton reports.

    For more information about surveillance visit the Who's Watching You website.

    The three part series Who's Watching You begins on Monday 25 May, 2009 at 2100 BST on BBC Two.

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    The UK is 5 to 8 years ahead of America.

    England is a Police State.
  3. seems about right ....

    tattooed barcodes are next.

    Here's just a hint of things to come ... our government is starting to tax food that it deems unhealthy.

    Well, shit, they skipped to the end allready, no mystery whats so ever.... "CARBON TAX" .... a tax on the building block of all life...

    yes, that sci-fi nightmare is definitely coming to pass
  4. Officers say it is a useful crime-fighting tool

    Isn't that what they say about everything? Meanwhile back at the ranch your common garden variety criminal has dozens of prior arrests.

    Soon we'll have video files and libraries full of repeat offenders all caught on tape but the guy will still be on the street.
  5. 4XQs


    Just seems like George Orwell was about 30 years or so off.
  6. Where I live at they have 27 cameras in the most important places (like at intersections by banks, the mall, etc) with volunteers watching 24/7 that they just finally turned on a few days back. Big Brother is watching us. You can see the camera's on the poles at the intersections. They look spooky with a big red eye at the bottom of the camera just staring at you. These cameras can rotate 360 degrees and zoom in really close and zoom out really far.

    I have the kids flip the rock and roll sign at the camera as we drive by. If it was legal, I would have them flip them the bird.
  7. No, it will be RFID. Military personnel will receive them first on shots day. It will replace the need for a dog tag.

    Then civil service personnel, allied health, fire and police.

    After some time has passed, it will marketed as a way to track ur child, sort of a built in On-Star for people.

    After more time, it will needed for health care systems to work on u.

    Finally, when the tipping point has been reached with population, legislation will be passed to make it a crime not 2 have one.

    They already tag animals adopted from shelters. If u don't get ur animal fixed the animal cops will come knocking at ur door.