in 2009 say hello to the UNITED STATES OF HISPANIA

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chanster, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. none of the candidates say they'll lift finger to stop illegal immigration. matter of fact all are soft on illegal immigration and support drivers licenses for illegals. they will flood the borders the day bush leaves office and i say open the welcome mat to the new UNITED STATES OF HISPANIA
  2. tHAT WILL BE GREAT NEWS!! And I hope one of them lynches your racist ass.

    And no, I'm not hispanic. Nor a Xenophobe.
  3. Plus Spanish chickas a hott!! The more, the better.

  4. don’t know how something 3 feet tall with huge fat as can be hot…
  5. :confused: :eek: Gay?

  6. I am sure you meant portuguese speaking. But then again...What do I know.