In 2008, why didn't Obama release his birth certificate?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bearice, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Why didn't Obama release his original birth certificate in year 2008?
  2. A better question is, why did he spend $2 million dollars to seal it?
  3. Nobody verified/checked Obama's nationality status and Obama's birth certificate when Obama forwarded himself as USA presidential election candidate.
  4. Did it occur to you that this is a lie started by Donald Trump 2 weeks ago? He said this, offering no evidence for the claim of money spent to seal a birth record, and it has since been dittoheaded by - you guessed it - non cogitating dittoheads.

    The birth certificate always was available for anyone to see.

    George Bush's Air Guard service record has a gaping hole in it though, not unlike your head.
  5. And now that enough stink has been raised to get him to address the issue... do you feel confident that you've been shown true records?

    The CIA, I'll bet, has spiffy document forgers...
  6. This is a lie and was proven to be a lie