In 2006, Obama said that raising debt ceiling was a sign of leadership failure...

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    He knows more now. So does Boehner it seems. They got into the details, now they see the devil.
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  4. That's a lot of money these politicians are stealing from the poor.

    Why aren't you outraged when it's politicos but you are when it's business owners like you?
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    I'm outraged at businessmen IN government, not outraged at businessmen, or government.
  6. You don't think people in government are businessmen?

    Show me a politician who leaves office without millions in their bank account.
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    Basically that's what I meant. Show me a politician who enters office without millions in their bank account.
  8. Most come in office without millions. All leave with millions.
  9. Most businessmen earn their money honestly and through free enterprise.

    Politicians get theirs via duplicity and theft from taxpayers and favors from lobbyists. Perhaps we should regard them more as criminals than "businessmen".
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