In 10 years oil will be $10 a barrel

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Publicus, Apr 3, 2012.

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    "In 10 years oil will be $10 a barrel"

    How much do you want to bet?
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    The problem is that Adrian Veidt plans to use Doctor Manhattan's powers to create a fusion bomb so we will not be around in 10 years.
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    I won't mind being vaporized instantly, it is a slow death that has little appeal to me.
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    In 10 years they *might* have the first demo of a nuclear fusion plant that actually works. In the meantime another billion people will be added to the world's population, another 2 billion people will own cars, and more oil than ever will be needed simply to operate modern agriculture at a level that can feed all those people. So I expect to see $200 a barrel oil before the first usable fusion power arrives.
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  7. I didn't see anything that mentioned 10 years.
    I did see lots of "we believe", "planning", "working on", "identified", "two of three" type statements.
    That sounds more like phrases to pull in venture capital and less like anywhere near an economical process. Unfortunately, there is a huge gap between demonstrating a concept and bringing something to state of usability.
    Pretty cool concept, though.
  8. 2018: Donuts declared antioxidant.
  9. public is too dumb and does not deserve such technology.

    also, most dont even want it.
    boxing, NFL, playboy mansions is what sparks interest!