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  1. if the gloves dont fit, you must acquit.
    fyi, there are no black racists. there are blacks who are biased against whts. racism can only take place in an environment where 1 grp dominates over another socially, politically and economically, i.e. apartheid in south africa.
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  2. Congrats! You play a good race card! Just continue saying whatever you want about "crackers" with no repercussions! You win! You da man... what say you?
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  3. Imus suspended from MSNBC for 2 weeks.

    Olberman reruns?

    I thought Sharpton and Jackson were Christian Ministers? Don't they forgive? LOL
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  4. Yes, what Imus said was outrageous, especially considering the lyrical sensitivity of African American rappers. :D
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  5. Kramer and Imus are racist but Sharpton and Farrakhan aren't? Sharpton says he isn't letting Imus off the hook? SICKENING.

    Wake up people.
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  6. Sharpton bitching about racism is akin to the ZZZzzztroll whining about hypocrisy.
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  7. 3 duke lacrosse players got away with raping a sista.
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  8. Since when do you have to rape a "nappy haired ho'???:D
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  9. pattersb

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    So, let's say I go on Safari in Africa, I can only demonstrate bias on my trip?

    What a complete and utter buffoon you are. But please keep talking you offer the best arguments against yourself.
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  10. Whites dominate in S. AFrica too....even though they are a minority...i see a trend here
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