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  1. the very rev al sharpton wants this cracker fired from wfan radio for his use of racial slurs. what say you?
  2. He'll probably survive...

    Unlike the poor ol' Grease Man. :(
  3. maxpi


    Let's see, a choice of listening to the head slave on the Democrat's plantation or Imus's humor.... ok I'll take Imus. He's afraid of nobody, the Clinton's were shocked when he actually made fun of them, it was great to see.

    I am glad he apologized though, those ladies on the basketball team deserve the same basic respect that everybody does.
  4. The last person that said "what say you" to me I had to knock him off his bar stool. It was pretty funny. I did end up buying him most of his beer that night though.
  5. Sharpton - One of our nations biggest racists.
    hellrider - One of ET's biggest racists. The "cracker" term was a nice touch.

    What makes either of you any better than Imus?
  6. "Sharpton - One of our nations biggest racists."

    There'll always be an Al Sharpton. What disappoints me is the media sticking a microphone in his face with the "What say you?" line. There are thousands of more credible and qualified people of color to constructively comment but it's always Al. I blame the media.
  7. I blame Al for his racism, not the media. He loves the spotlight... look at his hair sometime.
  8. Bernie's "Ray Nagin" is much more offensive.

    People have to start getting a sense of humor back. Those guys make fun of everyone, even listeners who call in. I've listened to Imus for over 30 years, and it's never been any different.

    I am much more likely to listen, and consider, the views of Cosby and Rock, who call for Blacks to pick it up. None of us can deny, or make up for, how many years of slavery, and then inequality. But I'm Italian by decent, and they cut my people down outta trees in Alabama too, and not that long ago.

    Imus has too much moxie, and too many well - heeled listeners. He's not going anywhere. I was wondering if he'd have to apologize.

  9. The Crown Heights Riot occurred after a car accident involving the motorcade for the Lubavitcher Rebbe killing a young boy Gavin Cato. A riot was sparked after a private Hasidic ambulance came to the scene and, on the orders of a police officer, removed the Hasidic driver from the scene. Caribbean-American and African-American residents of the neighborhood then rioted for four consecutive days fueled by rumors (IN PART DRIVEN BY SHARPTON), that the private ambulance had refused to treat Cato.

    Al Sharpton became the de-facto representative for the Cato family. During the funeral he referred to "diamond merchants" considered a code word for Hasidic Jews, for shedding "the blood of innocent babies" leading marchers shouting "No Justice No Peace". Sharpton did not start the riots but his rhetoric was seen as inflammatory and unhelpful in easing the tension between the black and Jewish communities. A visiting rabbinical student from Australia by the name of Yankel Rosenbaum, 29 years old, was KILLED during the rioting by a mob shouting "Kill the Jew".

    Freddie's Fashion Mart
    It is also alleged that after calling a Jewish shopkeeper a "white interloper," he looked on while an associate of his suggested the man's shop should be burned down. When a black member of the crowd did so, killing several people and himself, Sharpton initially denied having been present. When confronted with a video tape showing his presence, he said: "What's wrong with denouncing white interlopers?"
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