IMUS sucks up at 1pm

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  1. The "I- Man" is being forced to eat crow and kiss Fat Al Sharpton's ass today. Go to for the live feed. What he said was typical IMUS and this whole thing is much ado about nothing. Once again the "schwartzes" are offended about the smallest slight from a honky jive cracker. Worse crap is spewed daily by the blacks themselves. WHAT IS OFFENSIVE IS THE HUGE PERCENTAGE OF CRIME COMMITED BY BLACKS AS A GROUP.

    George Rennick Wallace out:mad:
  2. What's offensive is the large percentage of African - American "leaders" who enrich themselves to the detriment of their people.

    Sharpton, Jackson, Jefferson (remember the 90g's in the freezer), McKinney.............. Expect part of the populace to be ethically challenged. Expect the "elite" to step forward and better humanity. It just doesn't happen.

    Imus must really, REALLY, be under the heat. But Sharpton? Apologize to Sharpton?
  3. I think Fat Al is just ashamed that he aint "nappy headed" anymore...:D

    Imus needs to retire anyhow. He should tell Sharpton to go eat a bucket of chicken on the air..throw down the mike and go home.

    For the record..I love chicken...
  4. I heard his apology on Howard Stern....the apology was more offensive then his remark!!! what a goof ball he's become..some tidbits include: " i eat dinner with black people" " I have black people over to my ranch"....and my favorite: Michael turner is a black teenage who dies and my wife and i went to the funeral"...:p :p :p
  5. Imus is a major joke, another pseudo intellectual.

    What can you say about a guy who's older than his Mother in Law?...and that hair, grow the hell up.


    Great to see him cower, too bad it's to Sharpton.....
  6. I knew he would find a way to make his you say..disingenuous
  7. ........older than his mother in law. That's rich.

    Doesn't his wife look like a boy named, "Dieter"?
  8. hughb


    I'm laughing my ass off at Imus allowing himself to be raked over the coals by Al Sharpton!! Those two deserve each other. This will be better than Trent Lott offering himself up to BET.
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    Man that would be awesome.... do you like watermellon??:p

    Al Sharpton uses the race thing any chance he could get his ugly mug on the wire. Imus should just turn this thing around by saying... "Nappy" is "Nappy" what can I say?? or should I have said Frizzy hoes?? then throw the mike down and go to his ranch... :D
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