Impulsive/Corrective Wave Rules Trading System

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Park, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. Park



    I have recently purchased the above trading system, abbreviated as ICWR.

    I am quite keen on it, and have seen that it works pretty well in the current forex environment.

    I would really appreciate it if any other traders who are using this system would either contact me privately or post their thoughts about it here.

  2. Park


    Has nobody heard of this system?

    Would really appreciate any feedback.


  3. Why you don't give your thoughts first?:p
  4. Peter35


    What's this system?
  5. comstate


    Yes, I bought one too.
    I am learning where can I figure impulsive and corrective wave starts and ends.
    I browsed on line, got me more confused, my head went around in circle.
    Any comment on this, would appreciated.
    The system is Impulsive and Corrective Wave Retracement(ICWR) with Fibonacci Retracement.
  6. What's the site address where it was bought ?
  7. nbates


    infomercial...gotta love it! :)
  8. tango29


    How long has it been around? A fellow trader I met mentined something by a similiar name. We were reviewing the various systems we had bought. I thought he said he and a partner burned through a lot of cash with the one you mention. They stopped trading it, monitored it and saw no improvement. Needless to say if it is the same one, he was debating meeting the inventor personally.
  9. comstate


  10. If I saw what you bought for a whole $5.60, suggest you attach it so we can look at it and give you our free $1000 instructions on how to use it.
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