Impulse Control

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  1. Id: I'm gonna share our latest brilliant NeuvoTA discovery with all of ET!

    SuperEgo: Why the fuck would you want to do that?

    Id: So they'll all know how smart I am!

    SuperEgo: They, who, exactly?

    Id: Well, Dickbrain and Fuckstick for starters. And my old buddies Dipshit and Shit-for-Brains.

    SuperEgo: Apologies to ShakeSpeare, but what's Dickbrain to you, or you to Dickbrain, that you should share with him?

    Id: Dickbrain showed me all those incredible top and bottom trades he made. Amazing, to the fucking tick!

    SuperEgo: You didn't see that he posted two hours after the fact?

    Ego: Will you guys please stuff it? Go look at those big titted PhotoShops of Sarah Palin!

    SuperEgo: Id, are you sure Ego isn't Fuckstick?
  2. So what's the latest brillant discovery?

    ... :p


    LOL, you're so damn funny!

    This place just wasn't the same for a while there. :D
  3. Id: I don't care, SuperEgo, and you can't stop me! ET deserves to know what we have discovered!

    SuperEgo: Who, exactly, is deserving here?

    Id: Well, MandelBrotSet, for one.

    SuperEgo: And who, exactly, is MandleBrotSet?

    Id: Why, he's JimmyJam, of course!

    SuperEgo: And, who, exactly, is JimmyJam?

    Id: You fucking pedantic idiot! JimmyJam thinks Jack is a fraud!

    SuperEgo: And that's a distinction here?

    Id: I, I, I, .....

    SuperEgo: That's exactly your problem, Id. ET is about the I. It's not about JimmyJam, whom I am sure is no more or less fucked up than anybody else here. It's about MeMeMeMeMeMe.

    Ego: You dickless wonders! You seen the latest cable finance news hotties? If I could combine Erin's cool with Maria's rear end I could chill beer in the crack of her ass!
  4. SuperEgo: OK, OK, Id, what, exactly, is it that you want to reveal to ET?

    Id: Our prediction for the NQ close! Then everyone will think I am a genius and ignore SpyderTrader!

    SuperEgo: Uh, Id, Lao Tzu disclosed that last week in Journals, three days running.

    Id: Is Lao Tzu us?

    SuperEgo: I'm not really sure.

    Id: So what happened? Did ET overflow with effulgent praise?

    SuperEgo: Lao Tzu got exactly ONE response.

    Id: From whom?

    SuperEgo: From Susannah.

    Id: You mean that woman who hasn't discovered birth control and who insists on living in McKinney?

    SuperEgo: The very same.

    Id: I get your point.

    Ego: How old is Susannah? Think she'd like me? She might fancy trailer trash.
  5. SuperEgo, my naive young friend, don't you know that only the real traders post well after the fact? As expert traders, they are too busy being "in the moment" at the time of the trade to post that trade for all the ET world to see. Sometimes, being in the moment carries into hours. It's a spiritual thing shared by the great among us. And, not surprisingly, ET is a magnet for such greatness. Make no mistake, SuperEgo, we are in the presence of greatness. The rest of us are, in fact, in the minority. Only bogus traders post in real time and reveal themselves for the charlatans that they are. They have time to post in real time because they are not "in the moment." They have no zen, no ying and no yang. It's all very sad.

    SuperEgo, you'd best try to get along with your brethren, Ego and Id. Trying to get you guys to agree on anything is like herding cats.
  6. Id: Is Thunderdog saying that people actually LIE on ET?

    SuperEgo: He has been around a long time. And tripped up more than his share of frauds.

    Id: But WHY? I mean, it's anonymous! Nobody knows who the fuck anybody else really IS!

    SuperEgo: Well, ET is a fantasy construct. You can pretend to be anything you want to be. The posters who catch the most shit are the ones that tell the truth, because the truth is a lot less fun than fiction.

    Id: How weird!

    SuperEgo: Oh gimme a break! Look at you, you little shit! Sitting there in your underwear with your limp dick half hanging out. Surfing ever more exotic porn trying to make it hard. Hiding behind a cutsie-wootsie anagrammatic handle. Pretending to be above the sordid fray of ET. And you're one of the least neurotic fucksticks on ET!

    Ego: Guys! Guys! Get real! Somebody just said Jack is dead! Not sure how they could tell, but do you think the missus needs consoling? MILFs are the hot thing this erection season! If not, Sarah speaks tonight! Surely somewhere some time some place a boyfriend sneaked a muff shot!