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  1. I have my broadband router in the loft room where I have my computers. Sometimes I use laptop on the groung floor and and sometimes (not very often) I donot get internet connection , How can I improve wireless signals for laptop . Thanks
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  3. Try to boost the signal with a more powerful (a) router, and/or (b) high-gain antenna replacement, if applicable.

    Also, try repositioning/reorienting your router.

    Your signal strength is primarily a function of (a) strength of router broadcast signal, (b) distance from the router, and (c) barriers... like walls, floors... between the router and the computer.
  4. OP what type of structure is this in? Office? Building? Home? City/Rural?

    Many factors can go into this as mentioned.

    What type of router is it? (brand/model)

    It could be as simple as rotating an external antenna 90 degrees or it could be more complicated like - if your house was built in the 1940's & 1950's you might have pink fiberglass insulation lined with foil instead of just paper (which will block just about everything).

    Do you have multiple devices connecting? (smartphones, iPads, other laptops, etc.) Are they all connecting via DHCP or do you have them assigned as dynamic IP?

    Chances are it's just a simple distance thing.
  5. I use Prism for internet, phone and tv and I have excellent internet reception in any room that has a tv in it. The tv reception is also very reliable.
  6. Besides a router with a stronger signal or an improved receiver with your laptop, you might also want to configure the router to broadcast on a wider band of channels. This sometimes helps if there are other WiFis in the area which cause interference.