Improving execution on IB order

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  1. I am wondering if there are options to improve the execution of orders with extremely low volatility.

    As an example, ICSH (50.35 bid / 50.36 ask as of now, 0.01 tick size) might not change for a couple of days. Is there any strategy to get an execution price in between? TIA.
  2. Sure there is, arrive early and hence be at the beginning of the queue.

  3. Sorry, I didn't get that.
  4. If that does not make sense to you then you for sure don't need to concern yourself with this.

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    First, if there is nobody on the other side willing to make the trade, then it isn't going to happen.

    Second, if you want into a stock, you should be so lucky that it is only a penny spread.

    I mean, really, kids these days. Zero commissions and penny spreads and still not satisfied.

    Let me tell you about the days when. Oh hell, never mind.
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  7. I have two reason for posting the question here:
    • The return on ICSH - iShares Ultra Short-Term Bond ETF is tiny. Usually, 3 days return is 0.01 = the bid / ask spread, not counting the trading commissions.
    • There are plenty of orders happening at half of the minimum tick. The last transaction posted on at this moment is 50.355
    So, how do I get this execution price?
  8. Yes. The last transaction posted on at this moment is 50.355
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    You are sending order using SMART? Make sure to include Dark Pools.
  10. I see "SMART DarkOnly" in the destination dropdown list. That one?
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