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    If you ask any very successful person: "How did you do it?", one of the common threads you will find is that most had and followed the steps laid out by someone who was already successful. Becoming a professional trader is no different, and in fact having a mentor can be more important because of the risks taken during the learning curve.
    In order to become a professional trader you need to:

    1: Have a valid philosophy in place that applies in all market conditions. Its not helpful if you have to use an entirely different method every month as many claim you do.

    2: Define a proper strategy or style for yourself with in the context of this philosophy.

    3: A written Business Plan that covers your goals and the means by which you will achieve them.

    4: Understand the psychology of mastering yourself, so you can master the market.

    Understanding each of these four area's is essential to your ultimate success as a trader. Most services offer 1 to 3 day seminars going over the basics and then leave you to fend for yourself. I feel this has a very limited value to traders, so I have designed something different.

    It starts on Saturday with a seminar like so many others. During that time you will learn what you need to know to become a successful trader. But instead of leaving you to fend for yourself I will continue to work with you in a small group (no more than 6 people) all day every single day for at least one month to ensure that you are properly applying the principles taught in the seminar and to allow you to watch as I apply them every day running the TFMS Live Trading Room and trading my own account.

    This will be the last seminar/mentoring package available at the current $3000 rate and I will be starting it in the next month. The seminar/mentoring comes with a one week money back guarantee, so if after the seminar and first week of live trading you are unhappy with what I'm doing, simply ask for a refund and you will get one. I will also work with you until you reach your objectives that we will set before we begin the program, if it takes a month we will be together a month, if it takes two months then we work together for two months.

    If you are interested in the seminar/mentoring please contact me at and I will call you to discuss if the program is right for you.