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    I watch CSPAN-BookTV alot these days. I really like this kind of television.

    Most of the time, I find my time well spent watching BTV, and when I don't it is because I simply do not have a grasp of what is being discussed.

    Today, they had on Richard Sennett. He grew up in Cabrini Green - a Chicago Housing project - during the 50's. He ends up being a Professor at NYU and at the London School of Economics.

    I was so impressed with this talk I cannot contain my enthuthiasm. For the first time in perhaps my whole life, I feel I have been given the language to express what I see is a root cause of the social ills of this country.

    He wrote a book

    I do not know much about the book. I just know that after the one hour talk he gave on CSPAN I have to read it. If you get a chance and they replay the talk, I highly recommend it.

  2. How do you "replay" it?


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    I am not sure. I have TIVO so if something looks good, I record it. Sometimes, they have a replay of the talk on on a later date: