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  1. Everybody on forums like this and blogs all over the globe are full of articles and discussion over our current situation, where it went wrong, what should be done next....

    It's like this massive chunk of barely trackable analysis and i figured it would be interesting to read if there is one rule you could instal right now which one it will be.

    Thanks for any responses.
  2. No fat people on the beach.
  3. Currency must be backed by gold.
  4. If your chruch/temple/etc.. wants property tax exemption, prove that God is present - ie. some sort of miracle or supernatural feat, otherwise you're paying property taxes.
  5. All expert traders have immunity to any economic fall out.
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    Governments shouldn't be allowed to borrow money.
  7. jokepie


    get rid of fractional reserve system in Banks or at least raise the freaking reserves above 50%
  8. Have every company add 10% to their workforce and invoice the Fed for the increase in payroll. UE should drop by half, shouldn't be inflationary and you might see a reduction in UE benefits and some people off the welfare rolls.
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    Flat tax with no deductions on gross income for individuals and corporations. Go ahead and make it progressive for incomes > whatever. Put those 30K IRS employees to work auditing federal entitlement program expenditures. Waive corporate income tax on all companies who manufacture products start-to-finish here in the United States of America.
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    This. Gold and Silver.
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