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  1. How do you all get your data into Excel? I have been manually inputting data and I'm sick of it.

    If there is a service or script I can buy, let me know as well.

    Also, how would I get and add historical data?
  2. If your data is in a text file, learn about "Connecting (importing) data" (at least this is what it is called in Excel 2007 "Help"...)
  3. Who is your broker and where are you getting your data from?

    Regardless, there's probably a free and publicly available way of importing the data directly into excel, and there's people who can set it up for you if you aren't tech savvy.
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  5. Is your data delimited (comma, tab, etc.)?

    If so, you can just open the text/csv file.
  6. Alright, lets say I wanted to collect the following information from a group of symbols every day (different set of symbols each day):

    1. Symbol
    2. Opening Price
    3. 9:30 - 10:30 low
    4. Yesterday's Closing price
    5. Dividend (quarterly payout, not yield %)

    I need to know where to get this data, and how to import it into excel / open office.

    I know I can use something like finviz and export data. But finviz does not have all the data I need.

    What service could provide me such data?

    The 9:30 - 10:30 low would be a difficult data point to obtain from generic data providers.

    My platform is Blackwood. Should I be contacting them for a customized data output or something?

    **I know how to use Excel. I just need to know how to get customized data.

    What if I wanted the price of the first new high after 10:30?
    etc etc etc the list goes on.
    How do people do this?
  7. Sounds like a good starting point.

    Depending on their answer, that may dictate if you have to look for a dedicated data provider as there aren't too many free intraday data providers that I know of. I think many people/firms here use eSignal for this type of info, though there are plenty of relatively affordable choices.
  8. you can do anything you want using excel's macros. It uses a program called Visual basic. Basically what you said isn't hard to do but you need a site to scrape that data off. The hardest out of those you listed is the lowest price between those times. The rest is easy peasy because you can easily find sites that have the info and with the click of a button the excel Macro can rip the data off instantly whithout you having to do a thing.
  9. You should check out XLQ available here:

    For about $100 (more or less depending on which version you want), you get a full set of macro's that you can use to pull current or historical data (and derivations of the data such as RSI, moving averages and some other indicators) into Excel spreadsheets - no programming required. Available sources include: Google, MSN, Yahoo, Yahoo - RT (real time), Interactive Brokers, IQ Feed.

    I've been using it for about 1.5 years and don't know how I ever got by without it.
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    you have to modify this to get exactly wht you need,but it will give you general idea.

    there is so many ways to get the data into excel via web query,DDE,brokers API, etc..using various sources-your brokers,yahoo or some other third party providers. intraday real time,delayed,EOD etc..
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