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    I'm sorry to waste space but I think it is important for all serious members to be aware of the "ignore function." I have just discovered it and I have a big smile on my face even though the dow broke its 200 week MA.

    Thank you very much for adding this function as it will enable this discussion board to once again be a focused platform to exchange and discuss ideas...rather than a elementary school playground for bickering idiots.

    Just in time for September.


    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I typed in "mistermark" to test this new feature and sure enough all his posts disappeared.
    I'm going to keep it that way.

    Baron - thanks for making this board a great place again. I have learned much here and will most certainly continue to do so.:)
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    I'd like to also thank you Baron for adding this wonderful new feature to your already superb site.

    I suspect in the very near future I'll be ready to test it on mistermark and shortnfool, two (?) folks who both started a few days ago (hmmm, immediately after tradeRX was banished...)
  4. ShortnFool is TradeRX

    For proof run a search on his threads. You will notice a very similiar resemblence to how he replies.

    and a quote from TradeRX....

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    A conclusion I reached on August 29, the day of his resurrection, and posted about in the now deleted thread "Metamorphosis of tradeRX". Other giveaways :

    (i) Repeated usage of ... as a delimiter.

    (ii) Referred to candletrader as "candle" (as tradeRX did) in a post in "Trading Conditions". Asking to see charts of candletrader's losing trades was more out of needling than academic interest.
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    Nice investigating....Both definitely have a belligerent syle.
  7. no you're all wrong...IM THE BOOGIE MAN!!! WOOOOOO! :D

    I can't believe you have the time to concoct these paranoid fantasies. get a grip fellas. i just got here but im seriously thinking of leaving quickly by the back door. :p
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    If the posts from other members regarding your identity are "paranoid fantasies", please explain why your IP address of matches tradeRX's??
  9. Is there really an ignore function or are you just referring to manually ignoring a poster. I cannot find where there is an ignore button.
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    If you go up near the top right of the page, you'll see an option that says, "Your Account". Click on that and you'll be at another page where another option exist at the top called "Edit Ignore List". There you'll be able to add the names of users you want to ignore. From that point forward, no more messages from that user will be displayed.
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