Important Market Commentary for Friday, December 9th

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Ivanovich, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. *YAWN*

    I'm not even sure it's not Saturday. How boring can it get?
  2. It's getting towards the end of the year....posturing
  3. Really? Hmm... Not sure which pairs you guys are talking about, but I found the price action in both cable and euro last night / this morning to be very nice and tradeable. Upside volatility explosion yesterday, spanning 2 sessions, after a relatively slow week... a textbook backfill / retrace during the Asian session (the only session out of the last 5 I didn't trade)... then a high reward-to-risk after-rally during the European session. And done for the day (and for the week) by 10:30 EST. I'll take this kind of day any time...

    Like your thread title, though. :p
  4. I dunno, maybe our times are different. But I've been sitting around finding this to be a day where I should actually focus on my real job rather than trading. And you KNOW that means it's boring.
  5. Probably because CAD has been going nowhere but sideways this entire week... You still long USD/CAD, right?
  6. OfmY


    Calm before a storm :)
  7. "pit" wanted to hold 1069.00 and they could not even do that --- so yes a "yawner" today.
  8. Yes, but I have other positions as well. All boring.