Important conflict between Fannie Mae and Barney Frank

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  1. In 1982 his gay lover whom he was living with was busted for running a gay prostitution ring out of the house that he and Franks were living in. Franks, the lying piece of shit that he is, claimed he didn't know anything about it.

    Democrats are disgusting. I have more respect for the mafia. At least they are honest about being crooks and have no delusions that they are not.
  2. It's a good situation for Mr. Frank. Criticism of homosexuals is not allowed in the mainstream media. The messenger is portrayed as anti-civil-rights, or homophobic, before the information can be examined. He's got a "cloaking device" for his mistakes.
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    What does Mr. Franks personal lifestyle choices have to do with sound trading or investing?
  4. Then you MUST see this brilliant new film about the Neapolitan mafia. - Gomorra, 2008

    I like mafia films as well; Miller's Crossing, Goodfellas, The Godfather, Scarface, Casino... etc.

    However, I also understand all the damage that mafia here in Brazil, Europe, the US and elsewhere are doing. They are not the elites, but rather their shadowy violent counterparts - sometimes intertwined in business and family. Most mafia members seek to cross over when they get older, and wash their money clean using elitist money laundering... Corruption, elites and mafia kind of goes hand in hand.
  5. What does your question have to do with corruption at Fannie Mae?
  6. Republicunts are disgusting. This bailout was republican idea. The president is republican so is the treasury secretary. Don't worry there is light at the end of the tunnel. Come November we'll have a liberal president, congress and senate.

    What are you conservatives trying to conserve?
  7. I like this post!
  8. Which Party voted majority bailout?
  9. Most of the Democrats voted for the bill. It shows that they are willing to put aside politics to do what is right for the country. I was in favor of some sort of intervention by the government. Democrats are for government regulations anyway so there is no surprise there.

    Why did the Republicons vote for the bill? Where did there principles go this time? When times are good they talk about their principles and think that government should not be involved and when they are in a hole they want help from the government.

    Pabst, one question that you might be able to answer (because jficquite is a tool that lacks any thinking/ logical ability) a conservative what are you trying to conserve?
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