Importance of trading plan!

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  1. Without a proper plan each assignment may remain unfinished. Though apparently we may think we don’t plan our all activities, when we think to start a desired work our plan has already started that time. Trading a complicated profession requires a suitable trading plan because an appropriate trading plan can act as guidance for the traders. And thereby before engaging in any trade, a trader has to plan how he will supervise his funds and his risk factors in order to earn sustainable profit.
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  2. Whoa, dude. I, like, totally get it now.
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  4. Thanks Garett,

    I will also suggest evaluate over X amount of trades with this plan works first, or one can spend alot of time with the wrong plan.
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    A man a plan a canal, Panama.
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  6. Hearing about people's trading plans gets boring and stale,
    For most of them, they are just simply empty would make little to no difference to their otherwise lackluster performance and selves and mindsets and understandings,

    Traders' theoretical and real world visions merge and diverge, but not producing a final product.
    but, Make Trading Great Again 2018...High-Five` :confused:

    I wish there was a site called real, elite traders. You feel me,
    vanzandt, pekelo, xela, d08, johnny rock, sweet and sour bobby...where ya at
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    This is it?
  8. "Trading plan"... is that like as in boxing... "Everybody has a plan until they get hit"?

    Trading plan....
    "Buy Support
    Sell Resistance
    Chase Breakouts
    Use Stops"... over and over and over and over again and again.

    That's for starters. Once you get a handle on this, you can add some of the subtleties if you want.

    If this is not your "plan", you're likely "fishin' in a dry hole".
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    I vote for starting with no plan. Just start trading on day 1 with small size and buying and selling wherever the hell you feel like it. The market will show you soon enough how you should be trading.
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    That is a bad plan.

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