import prices show more INFLATION

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  1. ECONX Import Prices m/m +1.7%, prior -0.2%
    just out and futures are selling off.
  2. Fed man said yesterday, inflation no problem. Shows how much they no.
  3. Thank God there's no inflation!
  4. I thought I would never say it, but the unthinkable is happening- i miss Greenspan...! OMG...!
  5. Shows how much the LIE... they DO know.
  6. Dude, Greenspan is one of those that got us here. Just because he was smart enough to leave the party before "last call" doesn't mean he didn't spike the punch.
  7. sure. that's why i said i'd thought i would never miss the old chap. but man, the uncle is clueless. ouch.
  8. Bennie knew of the situation before he campaigned for the job. To get it, you know he had to promise to "play ball". He knew he'd be mired in this mess, but he wanted the job soooooo baaaaaddd..... just goes to show how much some people would do ANYTHING to be a big cheese. (You know, like the potlickers running for president today.)
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    Remember during the crash of the internet bubble in early 2000 he still raised rates!. We have history repeating with inflation and the housing bubble. This time we have rate cuts. We are sick and not taking our medicine.
  10. I agree with you that cutting rates is foolish - I think most here do. But Greenie started this in the beginning because he left rates too low for too long.

    You won't get an argument from me when you say that rates need to rise to combat inflation, and that Ben is part of the problem. I agree, he's a large part of the problem. But I just get a bit miffed when people think that Greenie is a hero and should be brought back. Hardly.

    You wanna bring someone back? Bring back Volcker.
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