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    should we be surprised that import prices increased ? excluding oil, of course not. what happens when U.S. has a week $ ? it costs americans more to buy all our imported goods, now isn't that nice. everything is wonder. :)

  2. we need enough inflation to get house prices back to where they were, i mean the all time highs
  3. How do you survive?. It's amazing how one post after another of yours shouts, "I understand nothing,"
  4. what??? well at least that is the thinking behind the inflation, those who want inflation want it for reasons like the one stated above
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    the sharpone, do you understand what happens with inflation? costs go up of everything except stocks and housing. that would for sure make houses 50% cheaper and it will , because it's here and gaining momentum.

  6. actually in inflation housing goes up faster than everything else

    housing is not stocks

    everyone needs a house, whether they buy it or rent it, it is owned by someone

    and many other differences
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    i'll be watching this.

  8. How can make statements like this? We're in inflation right now. Is housing leading the pack of costs? As for everyone needing a house, does everyone need two or three houses? What about people renting, do they need a house too?
  9. i might be wrong not necessarily right, im no economist, but only my 2 cents

    when all prices rise, so do the material used in housing, this will push the price of housing higher

    people who used to own their homes on little or no down payment and now have defaulted, will need a place to live, where will they live?, at the same homes that have been foreclosed and bought by a wealthier person, who now rents it out

    plus there are countries that r fucked-up to the core, i swear you would never live there, yet housing is at the same price as major US cities
  10. Trade deficit narrowed in 07, that's all that matters.

    Though the dollar will have to fall pretty damn far to put our accounts into the black...
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