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  2. How would bankruptcies of others cheer me up exactly?
  3. Because when funds blow up, it's funny...

    When individuals blow up, it's sad...
  4. What about when companies go bankrupt? Is that also funny? I honestly don't see much of a difference between a hedge fund blowing up and some company going out of business. Not sure what's funny or entertaining about it.
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    your response is kinda funny
  6. Funny how?

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  7. Well, when a company goes BK, it's usually because they sucked at business....ah well, such is business...

    When a fund that exalts their risk management blows up, and they all exalt their RM, it's funny...

    And when they do, I always say HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...
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    see if you can find the video clip from stripes where the srgnt tells frank,"lighten up Francis"