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  1. what exactly is implied volatility in options and how do you use that info to profit from it? I know the general definition of implied volatility, but i don't know what to look for with that indicator.

    For example if an option has implied volatility of 100%, what does that mean and how should i use that
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    IV is the market's guess of future vols. Take the guess and compare with your forecast and then trade like a madman.
  3. An option's IV is simply the variable solved for, when the other inputs to an option pricing model are known.

    For example, to price a stock option you need: Stock price, expiration date, strike, dividends paid before its exp, risk free rate, and volatility.

    If you already have an option quote from a MM, you solve for volatility as the unknown. IOW, what volatility input would make a call price of $xx.x? That is the IV. It may, or may not have much basis compared to the stocks historical vol at the current time (expl the call price might indicate a big jump in vol, but the stock has not moved before earns), but can't remain far from it forever, or there would be a steady arb trade. So, as the other poster indicated, this would show that the "market" is pricing a future large move.

    A trade could then be done (for exmpl), assuming the vol will return to more "normal" historic values.
  4. IV is the wrong value that when plugged into an equation that is wrong (BS) because of the many simplifying assumptions, gives you the right answer (Option value).

    If BS was correct then there'll be only one volatility wrt to moneyness and time to exp. Hence the vol surface would be flat. This is not the case, and clearly the market is pricing other forms of risk into the instrument.

    As an aside, some traders are just very good natural pricers. A test was done some years ago and some of these guys would repeatedly price options with incredible accuracy when compared to results obtained via Ritchken-Trevor lattice (NGARCH sheah).
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    Do you have a link to that article?

  6. No article, the tests were conducted at a few IBs that had just implemented the RT lattice at the time. I have no reason to doubt one of the guys from RT whom I know, both being nice guys.
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    IV mavens sometimes track IV and look for extreme readings - and assume a reversion to the mean. Various option strategies may be employed to try to take advantage of these situations.

    Others may look for IV skews in an effort to buy low IV and sell high IV.

    Good luck :p
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  9. if article does not exists , its very simple to check...

    Sum of all ATM straddles premiums vs Absolute Sum of all intrinsic 30d later