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Discussion in 'Options' started by Digs, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Digs


    I am after end of day implied volatility % download for 1200 (NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ) stocks for my little excel scanner.

    All I am after is:
    YYYYMMD, GS, 28

    Download method preference: FTP

    FREE or paid..

    I have been to, they dont seem to do it like the above.

    Any ideas??
  2. TskTsk

    TskTsk has IV-data

    You can also derive IV from historical option prices, which I would assume are more widely available than IV data.
  3. implied vol is per option so there isn't really one number by ticker. are you looking for the 30 day atm implied vol? 1y atm implied vol? the 3M 80% implied vol? Or do you want some vix like number? if you want a vix like number, ivolatility sells that data. I dont know how good or useful it is.