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  1. Hello,

    I'm working on a implied volatility calculator for my new site, but are having some problems.

    I have a rather lage options price database, and want to calculate implied volatility on all the options, does anyone have an idea on how to calculate iv?

    Best regards
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    please post the name of the site for not to use your calculator :)
  3. For the IV, divide the number of days to go by the strike price, then take the root. Keep us posted about your site!
  4. I'm developing something called a "wheel". Anyone have a formula for calculating the circumference?
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    Circ. = 4 * side
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  8. From Bernt Odegaard's site. Finds IV using Method of Bisections

    #include <cmath>
    #include "fin_recipes.h"
    double option price implied volatility call black scholes bisections(const double& S,
    const double& K,
    const double& r,
    const double& time,
    const double& option price){
    if (option price<0.99*(S-K*exp-time*r))) { // check for arbitrage violations.
    return 0.0; // Option price is too low if this happens
    // simple binomial search for the implied volatility.
    // relies on the value of the option increasing in volatility
    const double ACCURACY = 1.0e-5; // make this smaller for higher accuracy
    const int MAX ITERATIONS = 100;
    const double HIGH VALUE = 1e10;
    const double ERROR = -1e40;
    // want to bracket sigma. first find a maximum sigma by finding a sigma
    // with a estimated price higher than the actual price.
    double sigma low=1e-5;
    double sigma high=0.3;
    double price = option price call black scholes(S,K,r,sigma high,time);
    while (price < option price) {
    sigma high = 2.0 * sigma high; // keep doubling.
    price = option price call black scholes(S,K,r,sigma high,time);
    if (sigma high>HIGH VALUE) return ERROR; // panic, something wrong.
    for (int i=0;i<MAX ITERATIONS;i++){
    double sigma = (sigma low+sigma high)*0.5;
    price = option price call black scholes(S,K,r,sigma,time);
    double test = (price-option price);
    if (fabs(test)<ACCURACY) { return sigma; };
    if (test < 0.0) { sigma low = sigma; }
    else { sigma high = sigma; }
    return ERROR;
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