Implied Distribution from Skew

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    I'm wondering if there's a practical way to find out the implied distribution of daily returns from a given option skew for a specific month.

    I'm trying to figure out the skew and kurtosis the implied Vols for a given month are... well implying.

    thanks in advance.
  2. You can get the risk-neutral pdf by differentiating the smoothed Price(strike) function twice, if memory serves...
  3. True .

    As a practical way to do it, you can estimate implied distribution with at least 3 calls with closed strikes.
    Assume 3 calls C1 C2 C3 with strikes K1=K2-d and K3=K2+d, with interest rate r, and T the maturity.


    Implied distribution at K2 is simply ImpDist (K2)=exp(-rT)(C1-2C2+C3)/d²

    One can do the same for each call. That way you 'd have an Implied distribution including the skew.

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    thank you all!

    so Ci are the prices of the ith call correct?

    So, the formula (C1-2C2+C3)/d^2 is not part of the exponent, right?

    If not, then ImpDist(K2) is essentially the PV of (C1-2C2+C3)/d^2 correct?

    I really appreciate your help, and pardon my ignorance... but I'm not seeing how I go from this formula to get a set of logarithmic price changes, since my only variables are r and T

    I think I may be asking the wrong question...

    My understanding of skew was to correct for statistical-skew and kurtosis, to fatten up the tails of the normal distribution to account for observed statistical-skew and kurtosis.

    Is there a way to figure out what statistical-skew and kurtosis the market is implying from the option IV skew?
  5. I prefer to go all the way and do the dirty differentiation... I have a Matlab snippet that does the trick, if you like.
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    In what sense differs the implied distribution from the implied deviation wich is the inverse log of IV/√days?
  7. I could swear that we used to call this technique "butterfly quadrature," but to my surprise I can't find a single Google hit on the term.
  9. I would be interested in seeing your matlab code for the dirty implementation
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